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Chair Massage Bars

Human Resource Directors are often charged with implementing strategies to attract top employees, they continually search for low or no cost value-add programs to set them apart from the competition.  A Body Wisdom Centers on-site corporate Chair Massage Bar can help you accomplish that goal and increase the company's bottom line.  Download our Corporate Chair Massage Brochure to learn how our program can save your company's valuable resource - its employees!

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to employee health
  • Alleviate employee stress and raise overall morale
  • Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
  • Decrease Workmen's Comp Claims
  • Increase cognitive awareness and decrease costly mistakes
  • Increase employee productivity and company profits

We currently serve the state's third largest health insurance provider.  Employees continually rave about the stress reduction and rejuvenation chair massage provides them.  Corporate testimonials are available.

For a FREE Evaluation Study of how a tailored Corporate Wellness Program can benefit you, call Nathan Martelle at Body Wisdom Centers today 530.387.7917 or send your email request to

Vision Service Plan Chair Massage Bar

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