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Corporate Wellness

In Our Corporate Wellness Program..."You Need Us and We Knead You!"

Have you seen the startling national statistics on stress?  According to the Occupational Health and Safety News and the National Council of Compensation Insurance:

  • Stress accounts for over $30 billion in medical and disability payments.
  • Over $99 billion productivity loss.
  • Stress keeps approximately one million people a day from going to work.
  • Stress causes one-third of American workers to seriously consider quitting their jobs.
  • 75% of employee accidents are stress related.
What does this mean to your business?

It means thousands of dollars per employee per year directly off your profits!  Unnecessary expenditures like that can adversely affect your bottom line.  Today's companies must maintain optimum productivity and profitability to achieve success.  Moreover, when employees are absent due to chronic or acute illness insurance premiums continue to skyrocket and company morale plummets.

The solution?

According to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation 2003 Benefits Survey, 18% of large employers (more than 500 employees) report having On-Site Corporate Chair Massage as an employee benefit.  In addition,"Fortune's Top 100 Best Companies to Work For" reports 90% of those on the list offer on-site chair massage versus 66% of those not on the "best" list.

These progressive companies are implementing Chair Massage benefits as part of their Corporate Wellness Programs.  Most report substantially lowering sick leave usage, less direct healthcare costs and a reduction in workmens compensation and disability costs nationwide.

Fortunately, in the Sacramento region you can add a
Body Wisdom Centers Corporate Massage Bar.  The per employee cost is minimal and can be billed to the company, shared by an employee co-pay, or lie fully upon the employee.  A co-share plan is less than a monthly pizza party, promotes a healthy alternative, and is ultimately more productive with less down time. 
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