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The Fitness Training Center

                                                                               Nathan Martelle
                                                                                Fitness Mentor & Coach

Our Fitness Training Center provides you a private gym environment where you can learn and receive personalized one-on-one fitness training designed specifically for you at your current fitness level.

Each guest is greeted by Fitness Mentor, Nathan Martelle, trained and credentialed by The National Academy of Sports Medicine and a certified Diabetic Exercise Specialist.  Your initial consultation will include a medical history review, discussion of previous injuries or current restrictions, fitness goals i.e., mid-life transformation, weight loss, balance, muscle tone, overall health, nutrition supplementation, and minimize affects of aging.

Private One-on-One Session -   $45.
6 Session Package - $240.
10 Session Package - $350.

Here's what people say about training with Nathan...

"Nathan’s dedication to me, and to personalizing a plan fit for my goals helped me lose 10 pounds in a 30 day period in time for Vegas.  And now three months later, I have gone from 25.3% body fat to 18.5%, blowing my initial goal out of the water "
- Lauren Lamberto

"The decision to work with a personal trainer was not easy for me, but it was absolutely the right one.  Nathan worked with me to push my self-inflicted boundaries.  With his help, I have a completely new vision of what I can do and the outcomes of a solid fitness program." - Stephen Sellers

"Nathan is an incredible motivator and trainer.  He genuinely cares about your ability to become stronger and healthier.  His sense of humor and interest in you as a person makes it a great training session and he does so with more energy, knowledge, and charisma than any trainer I have worked with in the past."
- Jim Massa

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